Aurora inaugurates the first guesthouse in Patras for patients with hematological conditions

Αθήνα, 20 Σεπτέμβριου 2022 – Το φιλανθρωπικό σωματείο Aurora – Μαζί Ενάντια στα Αιματολογικά Νοσήματα πιστό στο όραμά του για έμπρακτη και ψυχολογική στήριξη ασθενών με αιματολογικά νοσήματα, πραγματοποίησε τα εγκαίνια της πρώτης στέγης φιλοξενίας στην Πάτρα, παρουσία του Αντιπεριφερειάρχη Αχαΐας Χαράλαμπου Μπονάνου, του Διοικητή της 6ης ΥΠΕ Ιωάννη Καρβέλη, του Διοικητή του Πανεπιστημιακού Γενικού Νοσοκομείου Πατρών κ. Δημήτριου Μπάκου, του Καθηγητή Αιματολογίας - Διευθυντή Μονάδας Μεταμόσχευσης Μυελού των Οστών του ΠΓΝΠ κ. Αλέξανδρου Σπυριδωνίδη και του κ. Clemente Pinedo, την Παρασκευή 16 Σεπτεμβρίου 2022.


Aurora inaugurates the first guesthouse in Patras for patients with hematological conditions

·        Aurora’s housing programme provides free of charge accommodation for low-income patients who have undergone bone marrow transplant

·        The association runs 2 guesthouses in Athens and 1 in Patras



Athens, 20 September 2022 – On Friday 16 September 2022, Aurora – Together Against Hematological Diseases, true to its vision for offering practical and psychological support to patients with hematological diseases, inaugurated its first guesthouse in Patras, in a ceremony attended by the Deputy Regional Governor of Achaia Mr Charalambos Bonanos, the Governor of the 6th Healthcare Region Mr Ioannis Karvelis, the Director of the Patras General University Hospital Mr Dimitrios Bakos,  Professor of Hematology - Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the Patras General University Hospital Mr Alexandros Spyridonidis and Mr. Clemente Pinedo.


Aurora, operating in Athens and Patras, is expanding its housing programme which now numbers 3 guesthouses. The new guesthouse in the capital of Achaia provides free accommodation for low-income patients, non-permanent residents of Patras, combined with a range of services to help patients and families cope during this critical period.


The guesthouse is a 65sqm, fully renovated and furnished apartment located within walking distance from the Patras General University Hospital. Consequently, patients can reach the guesthouse without needing to use public transport, thus reducing their exposure to germs while immunosuppressed. In addition, the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation has offered the first year's rent and, under Aurora's housing programme, the association has committed to a long-term lease of the apartment and to fully cover all expenses.


This initiative was greeted by the Deputy Regional Governor of Achaia, Mr Charalambos Bonanos, who stated: "Aurora once again demonstrates its practical support for people who truly need to feel that they are not alone in the fight against their illness. On behalf of the State, I would like to express my admiration for the exceptional work done by the members of Aurora in providing aid to people with hematological diseases, in funding and supporting research and in supporting medical and care centres in Greece."


The Governor of the 6th Healthcare Region for Peloponnese, Ionian Islands, Epirus & Western Greece –  Mr Ioannis Karvelis, said: "First of all, we would like to thank Aurora for expanding its activity to Patras through its housing programme. The entire Region embraces and eagerly endorses such actions that support patients and their families to cope with the difficulties they face during their hospitalization."


The Director of the Patras General University Hospital, Mr Dimitrios Bakos, stated: "Being in daily contact with patients and families whose financial situation may be one of the factors influencing their decision whether and when to undergo treatment, I have realised the immense importance of the work offered by Aurora. Apart from the doctors and nursing staff of our Hospital, patients suffering from hematological diseases now have one more ally in their difficult struggle for survival."


Mr Alexandros Spyridonidis, Professor of Hematology, Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of the Patras General University Hospital, stated: "Actions that, from the onset, have a positive contribution on the treatment are very important for our patients and for our medical staff. Once again, Aurora has proven that it aims to improve the care provided to patients to increase their survival rate. The State should back such initiatives not only by applauding them but by contributing to their implementation, ensuring that red tape does not cause valuable time to be lost."


The Chairman and founding member of Aurora, Mr. Clemente Pinedo, said: "It is with great pleasure that we deliver yet another guesthouse to offer accommodation to people struggling daily to improve and restore their health. Through Aurora's housing programme we aim to support patients in financial hardship by helping them during this difficult period so that they can focus on what is most important to them, their treatment."


Aurora's future goal is to expand the housing programme by providing more housing, so that patients with leukaemia in Greece, who do not live near any of the three transplant centres – in Athens, Thessaloniki or Patras - can be accommodated in one of the guesthouses, thus overcoming one economic barrier they may be facing in relation to their stay.




Aurora was founded in June 2018 inspired by the need to improve care for patients and offer support to their families, and also the desire to increase patient survival rate. Its main objective is to support specialized medical centres in Greece and beyond, and promote the development of research in the field of oncohematology, constantly promoting dialogue and exchange of views within global academia.

For detailed information on the vision, mission and objectives of Aurora-Together Against Hematological Diseases, please visit: www.aurora.gr


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